News & events

  • 1/2 Price Appetizers, all day Monday and Tuesday, Dine In Only, No Doggy Bags.


  • Cincinnati Reds

    Come in for Reds Madness @ JTB Sportsbar. We have Drafts specials, Loaded Nacho and Coney dog specials every Reds game. So don't miss out watching the Reds and enjoying some great deals every game at James' Third Base.

  • NASCAR Resort Giveaway




    1. Must arrive at James' Third Base within the first half of the race, after the first half of the race we will not be giving out any more drivers. We will start giving drivers out 1 hour before race commences. 2. Must purchase meal or drink to be qualified for race. 3. Names of drivers will be picked from jar, one driver per immediate family. 4. After first 43 drivers picked we will do a second and possibly a third round pick. 5. Weekly winners receive a $20.00 gift certificate to James' Third Base, must be present to win at the end of each race. 6. First 10 places will be scored from first place receiving 10 points and 10th place receiving 1 point. 7. Scores will be posted weekly for the first 10 point totals. 8. At the end of 26 weeks, after the Richmond, Virginia race SEPTEMBER 7TH 2013, a winner will be announced by finishing with the most points for this seasons event. 9. If there is a tie at the end of this round we will go to a tie breaker which will be the total amount of 1st place wins first, then second place wins and so forth until there is a winner. 10. Winner receives a 3 night stay at a resort in Gatlinburg, TN. 11. You do not need to be present to win each week, but must show up to receive your driver each week. If you miss a week, it is OK you just won't be in the race for that week and will not be able to receive points. 12. Rules are subject to change since being the first year we will work through our bugs, thank you for supporting James' Third Base!

  • Wednesday and Friday night Trivia

    September 3rd we will have Wednesday night Pub trivia starting @ 7:30. We will keep our Music trivia on Friday nights starting @ 7:00. We will have these on a continuous basis every first Wednesday of the month and Every Friday. Come out and have a great experience @ JTB Sportsbar along with some great food, drinks and service, see you then.

  • NTN Buzztime is here

    Come out and play trivia or Texas Hold 'Em anytime day or night @JTB Sportsbar. We are putting together, in house, Texas Hold 'Em tournaments for the first 10 people to log in every Monday and Tuesday nights @ 6:30. We will play for 1 hour and winner takes half of pot and is put into the final table of 10 later in the future. Come in and check out what is new @ James' Third Base.